"REAL Relationships"


February 13, 2021
Via: Zoom 

9:00 - 5:00

Real Life Ministries at
Louisiana Prevention Training Center
This program is a must for all who are married, in a relationship, Single, or just want to learn more about true commitment.  Registration is FREE, but donations are accepted.  
Are you ready for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  Then join Rev. A.J. "Keepin' It Real" Johnson, as he walks you through the engagement of relationships.  Learn more about yourself and your relationship with God. 
Discover ways to truly love your partner, or a future partner, for the rest of your life.   Share experiences with other couples as you walk through a day of couples training. 
Materials taught in this seminar are taken from the perfect training manual - The Bible!


Are We A Perfect Match?
Learn more about each other and what each other expects out of the relationship.  Share a room with up to 9 other couples as you move through an experience of truth.  Discover the elements that will see you through any situation.  Find out more about your role in the relationship and compare it to what you thought your role may have been.

Let's Talk About Sex 
Find out the fulfillment and responsibility of sex within a relationship.  What does the Bible has to say about this topic?  Learn why women and men cheat and how to avoid this in your relationship.   Also, find out why the 80 / 20 rule doesn't work in a Real Relationship.  Participate in sessions that will increase the way you trust your partner. 

Comments From Former Participants:

"I liked how everything was broken down to easy understanding and also related to our current situations."
"I'm glad I attended this seminar.  I got alot of information I can apply to my relationship/marriage to have a successful one."
"Reading the bible and learning what it says about sex and gender roles was very helpful."
"I liked how we did the male/female activity to see how our mate felt about cheating and how to avoid it."
"I will take and apply everything I learned today.  I feel everyday I can use some part of it.  I think every couple, newlyweds or folks that been married should go through this seminar.  Glad I came!"
"Excellent training! Great information, I would definitely recommend to others!"
"I realized other forms of cheating that I thought wasn't."
"I like the part on cheating because now I know what to do so I won't go out and cheat."
"The part about all the STDs you can catch if you go outside your marriage was awesome."
"There are more men out there that need to know what their role is as a man - the Gender Role session is much needed."
"I am encouraged to do better because of knowing what I'm supposed to do and who I am."
"I loved the part about Eroticizing Sex.  New toys is a good thing!  Learning to please your man is very satisfying."
"The part about sex was a hard pill to swallow.  I can't be selfish.  My body don't belong to me.  I found that out."
"I enjoyed the session on assertive, passive and agressive communication.  I'm able to see what I was doing wrong."
"Having a Service as part of the training was very helpful."
"Keeping it real, somethings don't get said in church (We Need To Know!)."

The presentation was very good.  I enjoyed it a lot.  There was a lot of information, and a good bit of scripture to back it up!"

"This was a wonderful experience!"



Communicate - Don't Isolate
Learn ways to communicate your true love to your soul mate.  It's your relationship, don't leave it up to chance.  Make sure that you and your mate stay on the same page.  Family is great, as part of the celebration.  But make sure that the only picutre that they are part of, is the one from the wedding day.  This is your new life with your gift from God.  Live it to the fullest. 
For more information, contact Rev. A.J. "Keepin' It Real" Johnson at 225-268-9336.
Keep the Devil and all negative spirits out of your relationship.  Join us at the Louisiana Prevention Training Center for a program that will change your life.



Keep Your Family In The Picture
But Out of Your Business

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More Comments:
"The book has improved our relationship a great deal and we have 3 days left!"
Dynamic and talented presenters!
This seminar is ordained by God!
The presentation was indeed a blessing from God.  It has served and will be a valuable tool to help enhance our marriage.  God bless this ministry!
It helped me and I think it helped us!
Yall keep me wanting to learn!
I believe we got what we needed out of this!
This seminar is a positive and is needed in all marriages and relationships in order for the family to be aligned with the word of God!
I pray God's continued blessing on this ministry and its efforts to bless marriages and relationships.