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Looking Towards A New Future:
Your Wedding Day! 
The staff and volunteers at Louisiana Prevention Training Center would like to thank you for considering our location for your wedding.  If there is anything that we can do to make your wedding day experience the best day ever, do not hesitate to request.  Wedding services are offered at all LPTC locations.  As with many locations, there are some things that you need to know about our facility and services.  Please take a minute to read over the information below:

Most of our participants use professionals or rely on family members and friends.  A wedding is a day that you would want to repeat the memories for life.  We welcome them to participate in your celebration.  Multiple outlets are located throughout the center for any use necessary.  If you do not have a person selected to take pictures, our contracted person would be available for the cost of $150.00. 
Although most people believe in the traditional throwing of rice, bubbles or birdseed (purchased cheaply at party stores) are more environmentally friendly.  However, all belong outdoors after the ceremony.  If you are going to have a flower girl precede you down the aisle throwing petals, our center, as do all others, requires the use of a runner so the petals are easily removed after the ceremony.  These items, whether fake or real, are a “slip and fall” hazard.  Runners can be purchased from bridal boutiques or party stores.   
The center lights can be dimmed for a romantic affect, both during the day and night.  Candelabras and candles are permitted as they tend to add to the light and romantic effect. 
If you wish to have the unity candle as part of your wedding ceremony, they are available in the wedding sections of most party stores, Wal-Mart, etc.  
You will find several examples of vows exchanged by wedding parties on their special day.  These selections are taken from “The Pastor’s Handbook” and conducted at ceremonies across the country.  You may use these to assist you in deciding which is best for your special day.  If you have special words that you would like to share with each other, please type them up and give to the center administrator before the ceremony.   
LPTC offers music for all wedding events.  You may meet with our music department to select which selections will be best for your wedding.  If you would like to have your own selections played, give them to the center administratior before the day of the ceremony. 
The center has unlimited parking that will accommodate approved ceremony sizes.  Parking is FREE, but is only monitored for groups over 25. 
The ceremony fee of $200.00 is for the services of the minister and use of the center.  The same fee is charged if the ceremony is to be held at your site.  (If the minister must travel further than usual, the fee may be increased accordingly.) Holiday fees are adjusted based upon each holiday.  Inquire with the center administrator. 
If you are going to have 25 or fewer guests (including children), there is no additional center fee.  If you are going to have more than 25 guest, an additional $100.00 is charged to cover the cost of security. 
There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit for all weddings.  This amount is applied to your final cost.  However, if you decide to change your location and services, the amount is used to cover reserving the date for your event and is not refundable. 
We understand that you want your day to be as special as possible.  However, the minister frequently has other engagements and must maintain his schedule.  You have access to the center one hour before the scheduled time of the ceremony and one hour after the ceremony for any pictures.  Any time which extends beyond the three hours granted under contract will receive an additional fee of $100.00 per hour.  If there is a reception to take place, there is an additional $100.00 clean up fee. 
You MUST have the marriage license!  The ceremony cannot happen if you don’t have a license.  Don’t forget the rings if you are exchanging them at the ceremony.  You must have at least two witnesses.